Pasadena Culinary Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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California is consistently regarded as a creative and progressive area in food culture. "Foodies" often choose to visit California for both its wine country and its metropolitan offerings. Cuisine historians note that the organic revolution in the 1970s was started on the West Coast, as well as the macrobiotic movement and fusion cuisines.

The Los Angeles area in particular is (and has been) a burgeoning food industry region for several reasons. First, the variety of cultures that are prominent in the area provide for a great variety of cuisines to mingle and combine. Oftentimes ethnic cuisines are prepared by first generation immigrants, lending many restaurants a sense of authenticity that is not often found in less diverse regions of the nation.

Second, Los Angeles was part of a cultural slump in the last few decades. The area, however, has recently regained its spot on the list of most progressive and popular areas in the United States. Individuals young and old are choosing to call Los Angeles home, whether it is because of the laid-back atmosphere at the beach or the bustling city culture, cuisine and nightlife.

Culinary Training in Pasadena

Pasadena, which is mere minutes away from LA proper, is home to the California School of Culinary Arts, a Le Cordon Bleu accredited culinary academy with a great reputation. The LCB name itself suggests a standard of academic excellence. Students from LCB perform their externships at some of Los Angeles's best restaurants, from West Hollywood's L'Orangerie to Spago in Beverly Hills. Celebrity clientele attract good business, and it's a big reason why restaurateurs often choose LA as a home for culinary venues.

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