Pastry Arts

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The art of making pastry is one of the most delicate and precise fields in the culinary world. The task is so specialized that at most restaurants, pastry chefs are hired on independently of the cooking staff. Individuals with a talent for pastry arts may find a career in the field to be rewarding and fulfilling.

Pastry experts can go on to be master pastry chefs at renowned restaurants. Oftentimes pastry chefs will establish their own bakeries and pastry shops. Others find both personal satisfaction and profit making custom cakes and desserts for events and special occasions.

Pastry Arts in Culinary Programs

For the sake of program specification, culinary schools oftentimes pair the art of cooking down into two simple categories: culinary arts and patisserie (baking and pastry). Frankly, it is uncommon to find a chef who excels equally at all of these skills. While the culinary arts generally focuses on the savory side of cuisine, bakers are normally talented in the art of creating breads, pastries and desserts. There is a certain level of natural talent that is required, as with any skill.

Not all culinary schools offer full patisserie degrees. Many, however, have realized the popularity of the programs and have added on specialized courses in baking and pastry. Though much of cooking can be learned through experience, most cooking professionals recommend attending formal training in order to learn some of the finer points of pastry arts.

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