Patisserie Courses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Patisserie is quite simply the art of French pastry. Much of modern cooking is based primarily on the basics of French technique, and patisserie is one of these basics. The art itself is based deceivingly on the simplest of ingredients, but requires a true artisan's touch to deliver the best results.

Learning Patisserie

Historically, patisserie is a series of skills that were learned as an apprentice under the watch of an expert chef. Before the wide establishment of culinary schools, masters of patisserie were rare and usually known locally. Now, with the help of excellent schooling and the popularity of cuisine as an interest and passion, students have been able to learn the art of patisserie in schools throughout the world.

Though the best chefs still learn by apprenticing for years under expert chefs, some pastry chefs have been able to create and follow their own career paths without the rigor of apprenticing. Culinary academies now offer courses specifically in patisserie that teach the careful methods of manipulating ingredients successfully. With the help of experienced instructors and real professional kitchen experience, students can be fast on their way to achieving pastry chef status.

Most culinary academies make it relatively easy to apply to a patisserie school. Some of the most selective schools, such as the Culinary Institute of America, require restaurant experience prior to attending. However, a vast majority of culinary schools allow for prospective students to apply without former training. Contact school admissions representatives about the requirements and financial aid options available to you.

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