Portland Oregon Culinary Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The Pacific Northwest is one of the most interesting and progressive culinary areas in the nation. Just as the organic revolution of Alice Waters and fellow Bay-area chefs altered the canvas of West coast cuisine, those old school sensibilities about organic produce and local agriculture have stayed around in Oregon and Washington. Oregon itself is home to bountiful farmlands and wineries, as well as fisheries, coastal harvests and even its own cheese company in Tillamook, a small town on the coast.

One can find world-renowned cuisine in Portland, the largest metropolis in Oregon and a haven for foodies the world over. Many of Portland's restaurants pride themselves on their loyalty to fresh, organic produce and local meats, as well as a certain sense of liberty in exploring culinary ideas. Portland's population and tourist crowd are considered by many to be a progressive group of people, and restaurants have responded to culinary curiosities in kind.

Some restaurants such as Caprial's Bistro, Wildwood and Park Kitchen pride themselves on producing regional Northwestern cuisine, using local seafood and produce as bases for incredible creations. Other eateries cater specifically to the numerous vegetarians and vegans in the area, listing locally grown organic produce as a key factor in menu items. The organic movement in the 1970s made a huge impact on the Portland area, and its results continue to show.

Culinary Training in Portland Oregon

Naturally, Portland is home to several great culinary institutes. One of the famed Le Cordon Bleu schools, the Western Culinary Institute, is located in downtown Portland and externs its students in Portland's top restaurants. The Art Institute of Portland also offers culinary training as one of its many programs. Not to be forgotten are the community colleges in the area, which are well attended and staffed with highly skilled instructors.

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