Professional Baking Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Baking is an art that requires precision, patience, and a certain level of natural talent. Many restaurant chefs, even some of the most experienced and successful, confess to a less-than-extraordinary level of baking skill. Though baking and culinary arts are essentially similar categories, the differences are great enough that educational programs usually exist entirely independently of each other.

Bakers generally excel at creating breads, pastries and desserts. Though baking is a skill that can be picked up over time and with a lot of practice, many great bakers cultivated their skills and talents in an academic setting. If you're serious about baking, culinary school may be a great option to consider.

Differences Between Baking School and General Culinary School

Though not all culinary schools carry baking programs, many offer the requisite "baking and pastry" accreditation or degree. Most basic culinary arts programs cover a small amount of baking skill, but do not delve as deeply into the history and various techniques used in specific baking programs. These baking and pastry programs are designed to be very precise, just like the skills required of a master baker.

With a degree or accreditation in baking and pastries, you can go on to work in a variety of fields. Some bakers master artisanal breads, using the most basic of ingredients and grains to create a perfect combination of texture and taste. Others go into creating desserts, sometimes for general pastry shops and other times for more specific venues such as wedding cakes and catered events. Many restaurants require expert bakers, and bakers can oftentimes do well in this arena.

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im not from america

Hi there i would love to aply for this professional bakery school but the only problm i have is that i live in northern ireland and i dont have a lot of money at the minute i was just wondering would i be able to aply for this course and would i be able to get help with funding for the school and with housing. I hope you can get back to me with an answer please i woul really apreciate that.

Many thanks LAURA