Restaurant Management Colleges

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Regarding restaurant staff, it is commonly said by owners of high-end restaurants that servers and cooks come looking for the jobs, whereas managers must be found. It is a well-paying job that, albeit stressful, can be personally rewarding. Restaurant management is an occupation that requires a very specific kind of person to be successful.

What Makes a Good Restaurant Manager

That kind of person is usually what is often described as a "people person." Managers must be able to lead a group of diverse people in various jobs, solve problems democratically, and have an eye towards detail. Organizational skills are key for managers as well, along with a sense of patience that is not always easy to muster when faced with a particularly difficult situation.

These are all great skills to have naturally. Some management skills, such as business methods and negotiation techniques, are best learned when trained specifically for that reason. Management programs are available at most colleges and universities.

Culinary schools, however, are a great place to learn management skills, as it is very likely that students will be placed in situations specific only to restaurant work. Though a lot of management skills can be translated from various fields, culinary academies and hospitality programs pay specific attention to the details needed to keep a steady eye on a culinary business. Restaurant management colleges are fairly easy to locate, as such programs can oftentimes be found in community colleges, as well as the growing number of culinary schools across the nation.

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