Restaurant Management Courses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The restaurant world is an arena whose staff is primarily taught through experience. Many restaurant workers start out in lowly jobs and steadily move up in the ranks. However, there is a more advantageous means of gaining your desired job without the years of experience. By getting a degree in the culinary arts or restaurant management, an individual can boost one's marketability.

It's often recommended by restaurant professionals to get formal training in the ins and outs of management. Though the greater part of restaurant work is purely common sense, there are certain skills that are best learned when taught in an academic setting. Managers will need to know how to handle difficult situations, but it may help to practice these skills in a more guided setting.

Where to Find Restaurant Management Courses

Courses in management are offered at various colleges and universities. Most schools offer a management or business degree. Culinary academies, however, can offer a more specialized degree based strictly on restaurant management. If the culinary school has a restaurant of its own, hospitality and management candidates will no doubt be placed in charge of the restaurant as a part of the training.

With a degree in management, one is not held specifically to purely managing restaurants. One can choose to pursue other options that are closely tied to management fields. Event planning and catering businesses are common paths for management degree holders, as well as delving into the very profitable wine business.

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