San Francisco Culinary Academies

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Individuals who are passionate about food know San Francisco to be one of the top food cities in the United States, and even worldwide. The organic revolution in the 1970s brought about by Alice Waters and her fellow chefs changed the landscape of West Coast (specifically Bay Area) cuisine, and food culture hasn't looked back since.

San Francisco has the benefit of being in close proximity to a vast array of exceptional food resources. The West Coast is known for its seafood and shellfish, freshly available at fishmongers and farmers markets every morning. Renowned wineries are mere minutes away, mostly in nearby Napa Valley. California has lead movements in sustainable agriculture, and even native fast food eateries like In-N-Out Burger pride themselves on using local meats and vegetables only.

Culinary Schools in San Francisco

It's not surprising that San Francisco is the location of several renowned culinary institutes. The California Culinary Academy is one of these schools, located in downtown San Francisco. It houses its own restaurant/banquet room, which is alternately open to the public and offered as a banquet space. All events and meals in this space are prepared by CCA students and chef instructors.

The CCA is Le Cordon Bleu accredited, assuring a high standard of culinary academic excellence. Also located in the area are the Art Institute of San Francisco, which offers culinary arts programs; the Culinary Institute of America in Greystone (Napa Valley area); and various community colleges and trade schools that offer formal training in the culinary arts, pastry and management.

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