Schools For Baking And Pastry Arts

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Baking and pastry arts are a passion that calls for the talent, meticulousness and patience of a true artisan. It is not often that a chef in a professional kitchen is equally as talented as a pastry chef (or vice versa). Recognizing this, many culinary schools have created a separate program focused specifically on the baking and pastry arts.

How Bakers Learn Their Skills

Bakers are skilled at creating breads, pastries and desserts. Historically, artisanal bakers would learn their skill by apprenticing for an already-established baker, who likely learned their skill by apprenticing for a baker before them. This is still a common practice, in European countries especially, and in the tradition of artisans, some Americans choose to follow the same path.

Many great pastry chefs learned their skill by studying under an expert, but in an academic setting. The expert instructors and the resources provided by culinary schools make it easier for some individuals to learn the skills vital in the art of baking and patisserie. Many culinary schools offer programs focusing specifically on baking and pastry. Some culinary schools are focused solely on teaching the art of patisserie.

If you're looking to study baking and pastry, it is recommended to pursue such a degree or program. Most likely you will not be satisfied just with the basic Culinary Arts programs that most schools provide. Though these programs are thorough and extensive, they don't delve into the history and specifics of pastry nearly as well as the degrees and courses focused on pastry.

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