Texas Culinary Academies

Written by Ingrid Chen
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If you want to follow a passion for the culinary arts and pursue a career in the culinary industry, there are several paths you can take to get you started. Many restaurant staff members worked their way up from an entry position such as dishwasher or prep cook. Managers oftentimes get their positions after being a waiter or captain for many years. Getting a culinary degree, however, may lend you a huge advantage when searching for a culinary job.

Texas is home to many successful business ventures such as Dell Computers, Texas Instruments and Southwest Airlines, among many others. Texas is not often considered to be a culinary haven. However, the culinary opportunities available in Texas are bountiful.

In cities where business is conducted, restaurants are oftentimes the chosen location for important client meetings. Along with these small meetings come larger meetings, business dinners, and conventions that are all catered by local companies. Tourism is also an important industry in Texas, and eateries can all do successfully in well-traveled places.

Culinary Academies Located in Texas

Culinary schools abound in Texas, from programs at large universities like Texas A&M to the more focused Texas Culinary Academy in Austin. Culinary programs will vary from place to place, depending on specialty. Most culinary schools offer a general culinary arts program, either as a bachelor's degree or associate's degree. Some schools cover mainly management training. Decide what you want to focus on and research your options near you.

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