Top Culinary Colleges

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The search for the best college can be challenging. When you are planning expending such a large amount of money and energy toward anything, the decision is crucial. If you want to attend a top culinary college but don't know where to start, begin by narrowing down your options by different categories.

First, where do you want to live? If you want to stay where you are, simply research the schools near you. If you want to go where the best school is, keep in mind all expenses that are incurred, like moving costs, housing and transportation. If you want to check out schools before you decide, visiting these schools is highly recommended.

Visiting Your Top Culinary College Choices

Before you make a final decision, the only real way to discover how you feel about a certain place is by going to visit the facility. Admissions representatives are always eager to help prospective students by answering any questions, conducting interviews and leading tours. Be sure to come up with any question you might possibly have, and don't feel bad about making sure every one gets answered.

At most schools, the tours are one-on-one. Make sure to line up tours that occur during class hours so you can see the atmosphere inside a live classroom. At culinary schools, classrooms are oftentimes kitchen facilities, where lecture and practice are held. Some schools have restaurants that are student-run as well, and certain schools can arrange a lunch for you at their restaurant for free or discounted price.

There are certainly names that are familiar amongst the culinary world. The Culinary Institute of America is one of the world's premiere schools. However, their programs are lengthy (two to four years) and their restaurant experience requirement is a turn off to some prospective students new to the restaurant world. Le Cordon Bleu is also an acclaimed school, founded in Paris in 1895. LCB has since partnered with 16 culinary academies in the U.S. to create sister branches of its original French school, thus making the world-respected Le Cordon Bleu standard of excellence more easily accessible to Americans with a passion for cuisine.

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