Christian Dance

Written by Jill Morrison
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Christian dance is used in Christian churches all over as away to glorify God through movement. Dance is a great way to get people of all ages involved in worship. It is enjoyable to perform and also to observe. Spiritual dancing can be very powerful and inspiring in a spiritual setting.

The Development of Christian Dance

Christian dance has been used for countless years. It was even documented in the early scriptures of the Bible as a way to worship God. Because of the development of certain secular dances, some churches have looked down on dancing as a form of worship throughout the years. When used correctly and completely for glorifying God, Christian dancing can be a wonderful and inspiring way to worship God.

Worldly dancers are different from sacred dancers because they are chosen for their dance abilities, training, and body type. In Christian dance, the most important factor for dancing is a commitment to God and a complete focus on Him during the dance. You do not need to have extensive training in order to perform Christian dancing. However, some dance training may help you to understand your movement options when performing sacred dances.

Many different styles of dance can be used in Christian dancing. Dancers can use contemporary or classical styles of dance to show spirituality. Christian dancing may include dance styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and lyrical. Sometimes, even hip hop dancing can be used to glorify God. Using contemporary styles of dance can be helpful in drawing in a younger generation and leading them toward spiritual growth.

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