Christian Dance Ministry

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Christian dance ministry will stimulate spiritual growth through dance movements. Whether you are physically dancing or watching Christian dancers, you can participate in a profound spiritual experience through dance movement. Christian dancers will bring a congregation together to worship God. Dance movements performed by Christian dancers are appropriate and dedicated completely to praising God.

Christian Dance Ministry Options

When participating in a Christian dance ministry, the rules and goals of the program are simple. Dancers must be willing to leave their pride at the door and to focus completely on worshiping God with each dance step. Classical dance technique may be taught in the program, but it will simply improve the amount of movement options that may be used in praise dancing.

A Christian dance ministry will minister to Christians of all ages and sizes. Unlike worldly dance groups, Christian dance programs do not discriminate on dancers who may be involved. Body types, abilities, and training are not important in a dance ministry. Spiritual growth and a focus on God are the primary goals of a program for Christian dancers.

Some Christians are opposed to using dance as a ministry. These people do not understand that dance can be a positive tool for praising God. Negativity has been associated with dancing because of what the world has done with dance. With strong Christian dance programs, Christians can learn to dance in a wholesome and spiritual setting. It is important to continue using dance as a form of worship in order to carry on tradition that has been documented in the Bible and to continue strengthening spirituality in churches today.

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