Christian Dance Schools

Written by Jill Morrison
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Christian dance schools offer great programs for learning dance technique and for growing spiritually through dance movement. Christian schools are different from standard schools for dance. The same dance styles may be taught at both types of schools. However, the teaching methods may differ incredibly.

Qualities of Christian Dance Schools

Christian dance schools provide a positive and enriching environment for learning dance. You will be able to converse with other Christians, grow spiritually, and also learn more about dance technique at these schools. At most standard dance schools, the primary focus of the program is dance technique and stage presence. Christian schools also focus on teaching technique, but spirituality is the most important element of their program.

At standard dance schools, students are taught to perform for an audience. They may focus on stage presence, facial expressions, and body language that should be conveyed in a performance. At Christian dance schools, students focus on performing for God, rather than for an audience. This brings a completely new element into dance performance that cannot be seen at most secular dance schools.

Standard dance schools may have specific requirements that must be met for students to enroll in the program. Some schools will only choose students with exceptional dance abilities, years of training, and the "correct" body type. Christian dance programs do not discriminate between dancers. All different ages, shapes, sizes, and experience levels are accepted into Christian schools. Students are provided with an encouraging atmosphere for learning dance at Christian schools.

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