Christian Dance Seminars

Written by Jill Morrison
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Christian dance seminars may be attended by adults or children as young as three years old. The seminars are designed to teach participants how to use dance as a form of worship. Dance has been used to worship and praise God for thousands of years. Evidence of this can be found in the Bible and many contemporary churches use dance for worship as well.

Topics in Christian Dance Seminars

Christian dance seminars may focus on a variety of topics that relate to dance technique and spirituality. First of all, many different styles of dance can be used for praise dancing. Styles may include ballet, jazz, tap, modern, or more contemporary styles such as lyrical jazz and hip hop. Many Christian dancers also enjoy learning about ethnic dances and interpretive dancing.

At a dance seminar, most teachers will compare praise dancing with secular dancing. Though they both may use the same dance styles, the focus behind the movement is different for each dance category. Worldly dancers are chosen for their body type, abilities, and training. Worship dancers are accepted as who they are, regardless of age, level, size, or amount of previous dance training.

Christian dance seminars will emphasize the importance behind dance movement for praise dancing. Secular dance performances are designed to entertain an audience and to give personal satisfaction or glory to the artist. Praise dancing has a completely different focus. Praise dancers perform entirely for the glory of God.

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