Christian Dancers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Christian dancers are very different from worldly dancers. Worldly dancers perform to large audiences and receive personal gratification from the experience of performing. A Christian dancer is dancing for an audience of one. In other words, a Christian dancer is dancing for God and praising Him through movement.

Responsibilities of Christian Dancers

Christian dancers are responsible for bringing a congregation together in worship. Dance can be quite a powerful tool for stimulating spirituality. When a Christian dancer performs for God, it is often called praise dancing. Praise dancing may be performed by one person, a small group of people, or by an entire congregation.

With praise dancing, dance abilities and training are not important. Dancers of all ages and sizes may be included in dance ministries and dance worship. In fact, often times a dancer with too much worldly dance training will have a hard time emptying their pride and focusing primarily on God. On the other hand, some dance training can be helpful because you will have more movement options to choose from while praise dancing.

Christian dancers may perform in church services or in special church productions. You can lean more about praise dancing at some Christian dance schools and workshops. These classes will help you to develop dance technique that can be helpful for creating movement. The classes will also show you how to dance for the purpose of praising God and for creating an intense spiritual experience.

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