Church Dance

Written by Jill Morrison
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Church dance is quite different from worldly dance. Worldly dancers are chosen for their dance abilities, technique, training, and body type. Most importantly, they are taught to perform for large audiences and for their own glory. Church dancing focuses on performing for God, rather than for an audience. The main focus of dancing in churches is to praise God or to dance out of inspiration from God.

Church Dance Characteristics

Dance has always existed throughout church history. Dancing is used as a method for taking worship to a higher level in church. It is a powerful art form and form of expression. Church dance can be used to bring a congregation together in worship and to promote spiritual growth.

In church dance, one must be willing to throw away pride and to be open to God. All different types of people and dance ability levels can worship God through dance. Training isn't necessary, but it can help in some ways. With some previous dance training, you will have the tools you need and knowledge of dance options that you can use before God. Many Christian dance schools are available so that you can receive dance training in a wholesome environment.

Many churches will offer programs, classes, or special schools that teach worship dancing. In these classes, you will learn about dance technique and you will stretch your dance abilities. Most importantly, you will realize how to use your dance strengths when worshiping God at church. Learning dance in a healthy and spiritual environment can bring great joy into lives and can deepen spirituality dramatically.

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