Dance Ministry

Written by Jill Morrison
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A dance ministry is a great way to use the arts for spiritual growth. Dancing is a beautiful art form that many enjoy to perform or simply to view. Dance can be used as a form of worship or as a way to interpret spiritual stories. Many churches are using dance to deepen spirituality and some churches even offer schooling to teach valuable worship dance technique.

Dance Ministry Uses

A dance ministry uses dance as a spiritual tool. Dance has been used as a form of worship for thousands of years. It can be found in various places in the Bible and in church history. Some Christians are against using dance in a church setting because of how dance has progressed in the world. However, worldly dance is very different from worship dance.

Worldly dancers use dance as a form of entertainment. These dancers are chosen because of their body type, training, and dance abilities. With worship dancing, dancers of all ages, shapes, and sizes can be included in a dance ministry. Training is irrelevant for this type of dancing. Worship dancers must simply be willing to let go of their pride and to dance in praise of God.

Many different dance ministries are available to churchgoers. Some churches will offer worship dance classes. You can also attend praise dancing schools or camps to learn about dance technique and spirituality through dance movement. Learning dance technique can be helpful because you will have more movement options to choose from while dancing for God.

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