Dance Teaching Certifications

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many different schools and programs available that allow you to receive dance teaching certifications. You may attend classes through a dance studio, university, or online program. Dance certifications include AA, BA, MA, or PhD degrees, as well as mastery certification with many other programs. You are usually presented with a certificate of completion when you receive certification to teach dance.

Earning Dance Teaching Certifications

To earn dance teaching certifications, you may have to complete years of training. Dance teachers must have knowledge of dance technique and steps. They must also be able to demonstrate technique and dance steps while teaching a dance class. These two qualities must be mastered in order to receive certification as a dance instructor.

Some programs will offer online courses for dance teaching certifications. These programs have valuable information that will help you to be a great dance instructor. You can learn about technique, rhythms, dance steps, patterns, and also injury prevention. What you do not learn with online courses is the physical dance instruction that is needed to be a dance teacher. If you take an online certification course, you should already have completed many years of dance training.

A dance instructor may be certified to teach one or many styles of dance. Standard dance studio styles include ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. Contemporary or independent styles that may be included in certification are lyrical jazz, hip hop, interpretive dance, ballroom dance, and praise dance. Separate training and certification may be required to teach independent styles of dance.

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