Dance Theaters

Written by Jill Morrison
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Dance theaters are designed to host dance concerts or performances. Some theaters may be designed specifically for dance concerts. Most theaters can hold dance concerts as well as other artistic events such as vocal concerts, orchestra concerts, or plays. Dance is an art form that has been performed in theaters for many years.

Types of Dance Theaters

Dance theaters vary in size and quality. When referring to the size of a theater, most are describing either the amount of seats that the theater holds, or the size of the stage. Theaters can hold as few as ten people or may hold over 10,000 people. The design of the theater relies heavily on the size of the stage and how many seats the theater will hold.

Large dance theaters usually host large events such as concerts and sporting events. When theaters seat audiences of 7,000 or more they are typically situated into a sports stadium or an outdoor concert venue. For instance, the Hollywood Bowl is a concert venue that seats over 10,000 people outdoors. The design of the stage and dome above the stage are necessary so the audience can hear sound from the stage clearly. Stage design is often relative to the amount of seats you will find in a theater.

Many different events, concerts, and performances can be held in a dance theater. Dance can be showcased on its own, or as a collaboration with other art forms. Dance concerts are usually held by dance companies, dance studios, Christian dance groups, and ethnic dance groups. A variety of dance styles, including jazz, ballet, tap, modern, lyrical, interpretive dance, and hip hop may be showcased in a dance concert.

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