Ethnic Dancing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Ethnic dancing is any form of dance that can be identified as and associated with a particular culture. Ethnic dances can be seen from many different areas and cultures, such as African, Polynesian, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, American, and more. Each culture is known for a certain style of dance and for specific movement patterns in dance performance.

Types of Ethnic Dancing

There are many different categories of ethnic dancing. Because this type of dancing covers many different cultures, ethnic dance represents a broad area of dance forms. Each culture has developed certain styles of dance that are used in entertaining, for reflecting spirituality, for enjoyment, and for telling stories. Dancing has been used in these ways for numerous years and is even documented as a way to praise God in the Bible.

There are many sub-categories of ethnic dances. Some of these categories include tribal, social, folk, theatrical, and sacred or religious dancing. Ballet, jazz, and related forms of theatrical dance are not included under the category of ethnic dance. These forms are used in many different cultures, rather than being specific to one culture. For a dance form to be considered ethnic, it must be identified with one single culture or location.

Ethnic dancing performances can be seen in various locations and venues. Some major cities in the United States hold festivals that showcase the styles of different cultures. Sometimes dance groups are formed that will combine the ethnicities of different people. These groups allow different cultures to show respect to one another and to demonstrate beliefs and traditions through dance.

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