Interpretive Dance

Written by Jill Morrison
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Interpretive dance is a form of human expression that has been used for countless years. This type of dancing can interpret emotions, situations, stories, fantasies, or conditions through movement. Dancing is a visual art form that is often combined with music and rhythms for an intense audio-visual experience. Interpretive dancing can be used as a way to create a work of art, but it is more commonly associated with stimulating spirituality and worship.

Uses for Interpretive Dance

Interpretive dance can be used by all ages and in various venues. It is a great tool for getting children involved in dance. Children love to use dance as a way to imitate animals or situations. You will often see interpretive dancing in beginning level dance classes that introduce children to basic movement.

Interpretive dancing can also be used as a form of story-telling for a performance. You can see dance interpretations in dance concerts or in informational performances. Sometimes, these performances are used to teach lessons in schools or other institutions. Movement is a powerful tool for communicating because it can be very interesting to watch and stimulating for the performers as well as for the viewers.

You will often find interpretive dance performances in spiritual settings. This type of dancing has been used throughout history as a form of worship. Interpretive dancing can express all sorts of emotions that relate to spirituality and praising God, such as joy, love, or even fear. You can see these dance performances in some churches, church performances, and in religious schools.

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