Praise Dance Degrees

Written by Jill Morrison
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Praise dance degrees can be earned through any worship arts academy. You can earn an AA, BA, MA, or PhD in praise dance, or you can take praise dance certification courses. Completing these certification courses may not be as prestigious as earning a degree, but it will provide you with adequate knowledge of praise dance goals and technique.

Earning Praise Dance Degrees

You can choose from a variety of worship arts schools for earning praise dance degrees. Each school may offer an emphasis on a particular style of dance or may challenge students to learn many styles of dance. Dance styles may include jazz, ballet, tap, or modern. Some schools will also focus on interpretive dance or ethnic dances. Schools with contemporary programs may offer hip hop courses as well.

Some schools will focus on traditional methods for courses, while others will use a contemporary approach. However, all praise dance schools seem to agree on the purpose of praise dancing. Praise dancers must perform for God, rather than for an audience. This is how praise dancing is different from secular dancing.

When earning praise dance degrees, you may have many choices in classes or subjects to study. You can choose from a broad education of dance, or you can focus on mastering one style of dance. Many Christians will earn a praise dancing degree so they can teach praise dance in their church or for Christian organizations.

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