Sacred Dance

Written by Jill Morrison
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Sacred dance allows people of different cultures to use dance as a form of worship. Sacred dancing has been practiced in various counties for thousands of years. It is even documented in the scriptures of the Bible. Sacred dancing is different from secular forms of dance because it is used to glorify God, rather than for entertainment.

Characteristics of Sacred Dance Forms

Many different forms of dance can be used in sacred dance. You can even use technique you have learned from secular dance forms, such as ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, and even hip hop. For a dance to be sacred, it must be used to recognize and glorify God. As long as this purpose is achieved, the style of dance you use is irrelevant.

Sacred dance is commonly used in churches as a way to express spirituality and to simulate spiritual growth among congregation members. The act of sacred dancing can be very powerful for the dancers as well as for viewers. Sometimes special costumes or props such as flags or streamers can be used to enhance the dance experience as well.

Sacred dancing began as an improvisational style of movement. Improvisation continues to be used in sacred dancing today as well as choreography that reflects spirituality. You do not need to have extensive dance training to perform sacred dancing movements. You simply need to not focus on yourself and to focus completely on glorifying God. However, some training in dance will expand your movement knowledge and will give you more options of ways to express spirituality through dance.

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