Worship Arts School

Written by Jill Morrison
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A worship arts school will provide you with training that you will need to teach or perform worship arts. Many different art forms may be considered to be worship arts. For instance, dance, singing, drama, and the playing of instruments are common art categories that may be used in worship. Worship arts are different from arts in general because the purpose of the artwork is for praising God rather than for pleasing an audience.

Worship Arts School Subjects

A worship arts school will teach various subjects that relate to the arts. In addition to teaching technique in artistry, these schools will focus on using art forms in worship. Classes may pertain to art forms, entirely to worship, or to the collaboration of art and worship.

Students of worship arts schools may have a broad education or may focus on mastering one worship art style. For instance, worship arts dancers will often study dance entirely as opposed to other art forms. Dance involves great physical movement, so teaching methods for dance are different than for other art forms. Dancers must learn about dance technique from books, but must also perform dance movement physically.

Art forms that involve music require a different sort of training than worship dance. The focus is on either the voice or sound of the instrument. With music, sound is the most important aspect, rather than what can be viewed. Sometimes, schools will combine worship dance with music for a powerful spiritual performance and experience. Then artists and spectators who are participating in the experience can see and hear beautiful works of art while praising God.

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