Debate Strategies

Written by Samuel Wong
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Winning favor, and ultimately, a decision in your favor has a lot to do with effective debate strategies. No one wants to go into battle unprepared, and it is no different for people who are debating. Taking the time to plan out the best way to present your opinion in a debate will benefit you each time you step up to the podium or microphone.

The foundation of all effective debate strategies is knowledge. The more time you invest in researching and gathering information about the topic, the more convincing speaker you will be. The more people you are able to convince, the more successful debater you will be. Collecting information about all aspects and facets of the topic will make you better prepared to take on and counter your opponent's arguments.

Good Debate Strategies Ensure Victory

Good debate strategies are not based solely on researching. The manner in which you speak can make a big difference in winning over an audience. Great speakers are known for their ability to think on their feet without punctuating their speech with "like" and "um." Having a good knowledge of the English language is also a good way to strengthen your argument. Simply mispronouncing a word like "nuclear" can have far-reaching effects on your credibility and the way in which an audience perceives you.

There are many resources available that will give you the tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of your debate strategies, and ultimately, the effectiveness of your arguments. Everything from educational websites, to seminars and camps for debate enthusiasts can be utilized to make you a feared opponent on the debate circuit.

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