Debate Summer Camps

Written by Samuel Wong
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When most people think of debate summer camps, they usually picture a college campus full of students who are aspiring politicians or lawyers. Although debating skills are a necessity for anyone in public office or the legal field, debating skills can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of what their career goals may be.

Students who attend summer debate camps go to gain all of the skills needed to become effective debaters. However, while gaining these skills, they are also gaining vital speaking skills and tools they can use that will build their confidence and self esteem.

Debate Summer Camps Transform Children into Young Adults

Debate summer camps teach students the importance of good communication skills, a trait whose importance is often learned too late in the game. While other students are dreading their college-level speech classes, a student who attended debate summer camp will be prepared and ready to take on the challenge of speaking in front of the class. These communication skills will make a student a hot commodity when he or she enters the job market.

The importance of analytical and critical thinking skills is also taught at debate summer camps. Knowing how to think competitively and anticipate and overcome the opposition that is rampant in the career world will enable a student to take on virtually any challenge that comes in his or her direction.

There's More Than Just Arguing Happening at Debate Summer Camps

People who attend debate summer camps do not spend all their time arguing endlessly behind various podiums in front of different judges and audiences. Much time is spent learning different debate formats and techniques. Students learn how to approach debate challenges from every possible angle, assuring victory when they attend their next formal competition.

When not learning about debating, students are learning research techniques that will make their arguments and speeches strong enough to withstand cross-examination from the most formidable of opponents. They also learn how to infuse their speeches and arguments with emotion and passion so that they can reach and capture the attention of the most indifferent of audiences.

Time Spent at Debate Summer Camps Is Time Spent Wisely

Summer debate camps are wonderful places for students to meet people just like them, who share the same interests and goals. Sometimes students may feel like outcasts when their hobbies and pastimes consist of debating and public speaking, while their peers at school prefer to party and chase the opposite sex. Debate camps show students that they are not alone in their love for a great argument or a great speech.

Friendships made at debate summer camps have the potential to last a lifetime. Many times, students will see each other outside of camp at local or national debate or speech competitions. If they continue their debate careers beyond high school, it is likely they will see each other again on the college circuit.

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