Debate Teams

Written by Samuel Wong
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Sometimes, it's better to do it with friends. I of course, am referring to the world of debate teams. Debate teams are a great way to build your talents as a debater, while you learn cooperation and make friends for life. Learning to cooperate in a competitive environment will prove useful down the road in the corporate and professional world.

Some people are a whiz when it comes to doing research. Others are extremely talented when it comes to writing speeches. There are times when the speechwriter is someone who suffers from incurable stage fright, so a person who is a great speaker is needed. The most effective way to pool all of these individuals' talents is with the formation of debate teams.

Debate Teams Maximize Everyone's Potential

Debate teams can combine each member's strengths and minimize or even eliminate each person's weaknesses. The shy speechwriter will not have to spend time worrying about speaking in front of a crowd, because the team has a star speaker. While someone else is conducting research, the speaker can spend time formulating the most effective way to deliver the information gathered. Sports teams use this same maximizing and minimizing effect to their benefit when they build teams, and it is no different in the world of competitive debate.

While debate teams are good at pooling people's individual talents, they are also excellent when it comes to appealing to as wide an audience as possible. A man arguing his position in opposition to women's rights probably will not be as effective or convincing as a debate team made up of three men and one woman. An audience likes to be able to relate to the person or people they are listening to. Forming a diverse debate team greatly increases your team's chances of a successful debate.

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