Expository Speech

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many of us may have been exposed to one form of expository speech back in elementary school. In my third grade class, they were called "demonstration speeches." Back then it just seemed like another assignment to slave through. Little did I know that people actually held competitions for expository speech! If there ever was a time where your grandparents told you stories about their families or childhood; that too was a form of expository speech.

Expository speech can be any form of speech, as long as it informs the audience. Sharing how to cook your favorite meat loaf recipe, or telling people about how you celebrate the holidays are both examples of the expository form of speech. More competitive forms of expository speech involve informing the audience about contemporary topics and addressing societal problems

Expository Speech Exposes The Truth

Advertisers would be helplessly lost if they were required to use only expository speech. Advertisers depend on marketing and embellishment to sell a product. Expository speech is informative speech free of opinions. We may not realize it, but we are exposed to expository speech on a daily basis. Each time we hear a reporter recite the news, we are being given factual information about an event.

The "expository" in expository speech shares its roots with the word "expose." When you give an expository speech, you are exposing your audience to information they may have not previously possessed. At the same time, you are exposing your knowledge of the topic, and more importantly exposing your skills in public speaking to an interested audience.

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