Extemporaneous Speech

Written by Samuel Wong
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Top employers and recruiters for successful companies often seek people who are experts in extemporaneous speech. These people are able to give thorough, detailed presentations and speeches without any help from slides or notes. Often times, these people are vital at marketing seminars and business conventions. They're the ones sent off at the last to market themselves to a variety of clients, often times with a minimal amount of client information. Experts in extemporaneous speech give a winning first impression when it comes to representing their business or corporation.

People well rehearsed in extemporaneous speech project an air of confidence and in-depth knowledge, regardless of whatever they may be speaking about. They are able to recall and relay minute details and switch gears at a moment's notice. Extemporaneous speakers are the presidents and CEOs of tomorrow.

Extemporaneous Speech Exercises Your Mind

Just because you may be introverted and shy does not mean you cannot benefit from practicing extemporaneous speech. I had a friend in high school who was a wallflower up until her senior year. It was then she took a class on extemporaneous speech, and after that class, she was bursting with self-confidence and felt comfortable speaking to everyone at school, including the popular crowd!

Learning and practicing extemporaneous speech, even if it is only done in front of your friends or family is a great way to leave your comfort zone and build your confidence when it comes to speaking before an audience. It also exercises your mind with all of the quick research and information retention that extemporaneous speech requires.

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