Improvisation Games

Written by Samuel Wong
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Improvisation games are a fun and humorous way to liven and loosen up any group of people. Having to come up with a speech or a skit at the drop of a hat is a great way to exercise your thinking and reasoning skills. Improvisation games have become so popular that there are several television shows built around improvisation. There are also "teams" made up of actors who entertain at corporate dinners and gatherings by acting out improvised situations based on suggestions from the audience.

Improvisation games are a good way to "warm up" before a theatre production or any situation that involves a lot of critical thinking. They improve any person's range of acting emotions, as well as inspire creative thinking and imaginative solutions to an endless variety of challenges.

Improvisation Games Are Fun And Functional

Improvisation games involving groups of people help build trust among team members, and build collaborative and cooperative skills, which are vital for any work environment. Improvisation games in the corporate environment allow and require outside of the box thinking, which we know is not always recommended or encouraged.

If you find yourself hosting an informal gathering of different groups of people that do not seem to be mingling or integrating at all, why not try using improvisation games to break the ice and get conversation flowing? Seeing people be silly all for the sake of fun is a great way to break down communication barriers and help shy people come out of their shells. When you can get everyone working together and laughing, you are sure to end up with new connections and lasting friendships.

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