Internet Research

Written by Samuel Wong
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Thanks to the multitude of search engines available today, Internet research has become a very streamlined and efficient process. In the early days of the Internet, research required many hours of searching through slow databases or catalogs. If you were unlucky enough to have a slow modem (2400 bps, anyone?) it was possible that doing research would require multiple days in front of the computer. Luckily, technology has improved since then.

Today, Internet research is as simple as typing the subject of your research into any number of search engines and waiting for the results to show up on the screen. Thanks to advances in search engine technology, it is much easier to find exactly the information you are looking for, giving you more time to take down and think about the topic you are researching.

Internet Research Is Just Plain Smart

Internet research is also beneficial because there are multiple sources from which to get your information. Most newspapers and news bureaus put the headlines and news stories on their websites, giving you access to multiple viewpoints on the same subject. Also, the Internet gives you the power to look into archived information, allowing you to get a historical perspective on whatever you may be researching. More and more academic journals are making their information available on the Internet, allowing you to conduct almost all of your research from the comfort of your home or dorm room.

You can decide to do your research the old fashioned way, by visiting the library and looking through outdated books for your topic. Or you can choose to do Internet research and find the most current information on almost any subject you can imagine.

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