Mock Trials

Written by Samuel Wong
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Mock trials are a perfect marriage of drama and debate. Mock trials teach students not only about our country's judicial system, but they teach necessary teamwork and reasoning skills. Working in legal teams, each member has to support and assist each other in order to achieve victory. These teamwork and cooperation skills will prove invaluable in the workplace after graduation.

There is a part for every person in mock trials. Legal teams need students who are expert researchers to build and support their cases, as well as confident speakers to play the parts of the lawyers and attorneys. Students also play the parts of the witnesses, and sometimes even journalists and courtroom artists. In some states, a school's mock trial team can consist of up to 20 students.

Mock Trials Take Drama From The Courtroom Into The Classroom

The most exciting part of mock trials is the whole trial process! Students have to put on compelling and convincing cases in order to be victorious. Each student has to take on the persona of a star attorney or nervous witness and make it seem as real as possible. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you're not in an actual courtroom!

Many high schools compete in mock trials with other schools across the country. Competitive mock trials allow students to work with community role models such as judges and attorneys. When students have to do research and preparation for an actual, tangible goal such as statewide or nationwide recognition, they take their work much more seriously. Mock trials give students a hands-on, first person experience that cannot be replicated in a textbook or educational video.

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