Speech And Debate

Written by Samuel Wong
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Speech and debate skills teach you how to think on your feet, get the point across and communicate effectively. When you are well versed in speech and debate people will listen to you and take what you have to say a bit more seriously. Well-honed speaking skills are looked highly upon and are a reflection of intelligence and higher education.

Even when you are a bit uncertain about what you are talking about or if you aren't sure exactly how to answer a question you will sound better if you know how to utilize correct speech and debate skills. The less you stutter and stammer the more people are willing to listen and the more you come across as confident and at ease.

Speech and Debate Practice Is Never In Vain

Regardless of age, interests, or geography, speech and debate skills will travel with you through every situation and make daily conversation much easier. If you take the time to listen to two people arguing in a conflict, you'll notice that the one with the most eloquence usually "wins" or gets what he or she wants.

When people can't express what they are trying to say or can't argue a point well, even when they know they are right, they become frustrated and angry and usually give up trying to communicate. This results in inefficiency and a lack of self-confidence. Don't be the person that has to walk away in shame just because you aren't trained in putting words together in a precise way. Educate yourself in speech and debate!

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