Student Congress

Written by Samuel Wong
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If you are unhappy with the conditions at your school and want to see changes implemented, you need to be a part of student congress. As a part of student congress, you are representing the voices and choices of the students when it comes to dealing with faculty or board members. Often, board members do not pay attention to the wants and needs that come directly from individual students. They depend on members of the student congress to inform them of what is going on at the school and in the community.

There are many benefits to being involved with student congress at school. Not only does it look good on a resume, but it also builds your communication and networking skills. . You also represent the school at social events throughout your city or town.

Be Socially Active By Joining Student Congress

Student congress is a great way to get involved with issues at school and in the community. You can orchestrate fundraisers for school programs or local charities. Members of student congress are sometimes the ones who plan rallies and parties before and after sporting events.

If you were unhappy with last year's dances or social events, you have the ability make this year's events better by getting involved in student congress. As a part of student congress, you are responsible for planning social events at school, such as Prom and any graduation parties. You are the one who decides where and when events are going to be held. Make your time at school a memorable one for all of your classmates by getting involved in student congress.

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