Summer Debate Camps

Written by Samuel Wong
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Some students return from summer vacation with new clothes, a new tan, or a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Smarter students return to school with new speaking and analytical skills because they spent a few weeks at summer debate camps. Summer debate camps are one of the best ways to refine and reinvigorate your debating talents.

Summer debate camps are held throughout the country, usually on college campuses. This gives high school students a sample of what college life will be like. They will see its competitive side and its often-cramped living quarters, which are all key ingredients to learning.

Save Up For Summer Debate Camps

If you have a son or daughter who loves debate, it may be a smart decision to invest some time and finances by sending him or her to one of many summer debate camps in the country. The immediate money-making opportunities he or she may miss out on by not getting a summer job will pay off tenfold in the future when your child lands that job with the executive salary straight out of college.

Summer debate camps provide students with lasting friendships and perhaps even more importantly, future networking connections. The student debate circuit is often like an extended family. Students at debate camps all share a common love for the art of debate, and the camaraderie fosters a great environment for sharing of strategies and stories.

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