Data Course

Written by Norene Anderson
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DATA course material is required for every beginner applying for a driver's license in Florida. DATA (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness) information provides a basis for every driver to understand the relationship between alcohol and drugs and the ability to drive safely. It is a course designed to impress the importance of the laws and how the responsible driver relates to those laws. With over half of the teen passenger deaths occurring when another teen is behind the wheel, this mandates getting proper instruction to the teenager before issuing a license to drive.

Statistics bear out the fact that there is good reason to require a DATA course before receiving a license to drive. The majority of adolescent injuries are the result of automobile accidents. One reason is that teenagers are less likely to understand the importance of wearing seat belts. Another is that teens driving after drinking are more likely to be involved in an accident than adults.

A DATA Course Saves Lives

It is reported that over one-third of all adolescent driver fatalities involve alcohol. Over half of these deaths occur on the weekend. Teenagers are at a higher risk because of the lack of driving experience and the thrill of taking risks. The DATA course is effective in teaching the adolescent driver the importance of refraining from driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The DATA program is a tool to encourage safe driving habits. With the fatality rate of teenagers being four times that of adult drivers, it is imperative that measures be taken to ensure the safest driving habits possible. It is quick and easy to find a DATA instruction course online. Driving is an awesome responsibility at any age. It is particularly important for beginning drivers to be prepared, mechanically and emotionally, to drive defensively and safely.

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