Defensive Driving School

Written by Norene Anderson
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A defensive driving school serves a multifaceted purpose. For some individuals, it is to remove points and reduce fines incurred from committing a traffic violation. For others, it is a court mandate for a more serious offense. A defensive driving course is required to fulfill the educational requirement for Traffic Law and Substance Abuse criteria before receiving a learner's license.

Many states allow a defensive driving school course of study to be taken online. This makes it much more convenient than having to set aside time at night or on weekends to fulfill the requirements of a mandated course in driving safety. This may be the result of being responsible for an accident. It may be due to receiving excessive traffic violations. It could be to meet the requirements for being licensed to drive for the first time.

Reap the Benefits of Defensive Driving Schools

One of the lessons taught in defensive driving school is the ability to be aware of what is going on around you. Looking at the end of the hood is not driving defensively. You must be able to assimilate all the surroundings ahead and behind the vehicle at all times. A good defensive driving class will give practical experience to teach how to prepare for upcoming action such as a sharp corner, something in the road, or bad weather.

Learning the mechanics of weight shifting is key to maintaining control of the vehicle during all kinds of weather on all types of roads. Understanding the principle of traction and the way tires handle the dynamics of starting, stopping, turning, and sliding is vital to realizing how to retain control in every situation. An added benefit of taking a defensive driving class is the possible reduction in insurance.

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