Driver Improvement Course

Written by Norene Anderson
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A driver improvement course is available online for almost every state and county in the United States. The course is designed to provide training that will encourage the violator to change the driving habits that caused the infraction. Taking the course does not remove all of the penalties, but it goes a long way in reducing the pain. There are no points assessed against your license. The civil fine may also be reduced.

Providing proof of successfully completing a driver improvement course prohibits the insurance company from increasing the premium or canceling the policy based on the traffic violation. This holds true only if there is no additional charge within a set number of months and if the moving violation is not in excess of the speed limit by at least 15 mph. In Florida, if you receive a second ticket within 18 months or a third ticket within 36 months, this exclusion does not apply.

A Driver Improvement Course Saves Money

The price varies from one driver improvement course to another. It is easy to go online and find the best price in your locality if you prefer to attend in person. If you are taking the course online, it is very easy to get comparison prices to locate the one that is best for you. Typically, the cost of the course is less than paying the fine without complying with the option to take the course.

After the course is successfully completed, you will receive a certificate that you must take to the County Clerk in the county of the citation. Each county has specific requirements and you should check in to have a clear understanding of the time allowed for completion and the steps to take to ensure compliance with the requirements.

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