Driver License Suspension

Written by Norene Anderson
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Driver license suspension is the revocation of a valid driver's license due to a number of reasons. The most common is for driving under the influence of alcohol or some other drug. At least 41 states have adopted some type of administrative license revocation. Statistics have shown that this type of license suspension has reduced the number of accidents from alcohol involvement.

Driver license suspension is also a result of other violations. In some states, an accumulation of 12 points on your driving record inside a two-year period is just cause for a suspension for six months. Reinstatement usually requires some type of driver improvement course. A court suspension may invoke suspending driving privileges for whatever amount of time the court deems appropriate.

Reasons for Driver License Suspension

In some states, the driver license privileges may be suspended for students younger than 18 years of age for lack of attendance in school or for possession of alcohol or drugs. This suspension will not be lifted until either a G.E.D. certificate or high school diploma has been achieved or the individual is proven to be fully complying with the school to obtain the appropriate education. This is an effective effort to reduce high school dropouts.

There is a medical driver license suspension for individuals suffering from any condition that renders them unsafe or unable to make rapid, competent decisions while in control of a motor vehicle. This is an unfortunate circumstance for many elderly who must depend on someone else to provide needed transportation. Some license suspensions are permanent while others are for a designated amount of time provided certain requirements are met.

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