Online Learners Permit Test

Written by Norene Anderson
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The online learners permit test is easy to study for and pass with the courses available on the Internet. Many schools do not offer driver education due to cuts in funding. The ones that do offer the driver education course are usually scheduled full several months in advance. The opportunity to study the course and take the test online is a great option for those unable to enroll in a driver education class.

A milestone in life that teenagers live for and parents dread is when the teen starts driving. The first step in the process is getting that first permit. States have different rules and requirements to satisfy before a permit is given. For instance, Florida requires the DATA (Drug and Alcohol Traffic Awareness) course and a DMV exam to be successfully completed. Both of these can be obtained through an online learners permit test.

After the Online Learners Permit Test

Before the beginner can get behind the wheel, he or she must physically go to the DMV for an eye exam, a hearing test, and a photo. Once the license is issued, the rest is up to the parent, guardian, or adult responsible for the driver. An adult licensed driver at least 21 years of age must accompany anyone with a beginner permit. He or she must sit in the front passenger seat.

Practice is so important for the new driver. He or she should be allowed to drive in a safe area until he or she becomes comfortable maneuvering the vehicle. Progression to the freeway comes in small increments! Building confidence in the driver is important in developing a safe driver. Studying and passing the online learners permit test is only the beginning.

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