Speeding Ticket

Written by Norene Anderson
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Getting a speeding ticket is like pouring ice water down your back. The effect sends chills through the body. It is easy to fly by a speed limit sign and not realize the speed limit changed while you were looking the other direction. Other people just enjoy the thrill of living on the fast edge. It is estimated that just over 40,000 people die every year on the nation's highways. Alcohol and speed are two crucial elements in the cause of traffic deaths.

The price of a speeding ticket will vary depending on the locality and the amount of speed. The average price of a ticket is estimated at $150 with an additional increase in insurance of about $300 for three years. Speed traps are noted in many areas of the country, particularly in small towns. Traffic tickets supply a large portion of the revenue for many towns. Some towns earn almost 70 percent through ticketing.

The Pain of a Speeding Ticket

Some states have passed a law restricting how much speeding ticket revenue can contribute to the budget. This has eliminated some of the "hot spots" for catching speeders. There is a solid foundation for enforcing the speed limit laws whether in a small community or in a metropolitan city. There is over $40 billion spent a year on accidents caused by or involving high speed. That is a lot of injuries and damage to consider.

The Internet is a great place to find information on ways to remove the points because of a speeding citation. A course is required that covers highway safety and sound driving principles to make travel a pleasure and not an ordeal. Online study is available. If you have received a ticket for speeding, check with the county of issue to determine if you qualify to take a defensive driving course.

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