Common Myths About Distance Learning Courses

Written by johnconnor
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Distance education has undergone a thorough facelift recently. Inventions of high end telecommunication devices, software and hardware have redefined the entire process of distance learning. Online colleges are in no way different than traditional schools.

However, some people still continue to believe that distance learning is not very effective. This is not right. The time has come to remove the stigma which used to be associated with distance learning.

Modern distance learning methods employ the power of the internet. Unlike days gone by, distance education is no longer synonymous with correspondence education, where study materials used to be sent to the learners by snail mail, and that was the only mode of communication. Modern advancements in technology, internet science and telecommunication, have done wonders.

Old concepts about distance learning courses are mere myths now. Unfortunately, some people still continue to hold some notions about distance learning and online degree programs. Here's a look at some of the myths:

No excitement - Online learning is dull

Today’s distance learning platforms are internet based, hence, you can expect an interactive learning session here. Modern technologies, software and hardware connect the learners with their professors and fellow students and keep them engaged throughout the session.

Students, who enroll for online degrees, receive high class courseware which includes animations, illustrations, videos, audios, recorded lectures of industry icons and professors. Registering with an online college hardly leaves time for a student to feel bored!

No contact with professors

Online learning enables students to contact their teachers whenever they want. Faculty members remain online 24x7 to respond to student email in real time. They can also be contacted via live chat, forum, video conference or by phone. Thus students can get the same one-to-one guidance available at campus schools.

No connection with fellow learners

Top online colleges create a learning environment where learners can interact with each other. Students pursuing professional courses such as distance learning MBA need to work together with other learners and connect to their peers. Email, video chat, forum, blogs, video conference, webinar etc. help them stay connected.

Some online colleges conduct special interactive sessions where all the students and teachers participate as they would do on a college campus.

Online education is inferior than campus based learning

Many popular universities of the world have opened distance learning groups of late. Courses are taught on the campus college and online. The same coursework, syllabus and guidelines are followed. Clearly, this education is not inferior.

For example, if a person is interested in an MBA and chooses to enroll with the online education department of a university, they need to learn the same modules that are taught on the campus at this college. The student would be taking the same tests and undergo same duration of class hours. Thus obtaining an MBA through distance learning is equivalent to being on campus.

Additionally, distance learning is cheaper. Students can take classes at their favorite university and pay much less in tuition fees. The rumors are not true. Online education is the mode of study for modern men!

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