Degree In Business

Written by Tara Peris
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A degree in business remains a popular choice for many who pursue advanced schooling following college. With traditional options remaining lucrative, and Internet industry finally beginning to recover, a degree in business can open the door to unlimited professional success. Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs of all ages to find their niche in the business world.

Some degrees provide valuable intellectual skills, but are relatively useless when it comes time to find a job. A Ph.D. in English, for example, is a challenging, laborious endeavor that clearly represents a high level of intellectual accomplishment. However, as teaching positions are few and far between, the degree is of less use when it comes time to hit the job market. Indeed, more than a few disillusioned graduate students have ended up questioning the whole point.

The Value of a Degree in Business

A degree in business, on the other hand, has traditionally ensured professional success. Entrepreneurs from every conceivable background have found professional success via brief, 2-year programs that provide a foundation of formal business skills. Although some would argue that you can get by on real world experience, there is no substitute for what is learned in business school.

These days, there are many ways to earn a degree in business. You can go the traditional route and look into the big-name schools offering 2-year, full-time programs, or you can look into online degree programs that may offer greater flexibility. The choice is up to you. Just be sure to consider reputation and job placement assistance when making your final decision.

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