Air Force Pilot Training

Written by Dina Kayed
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Before a student attends Air Force pilot training he or she will need to undergo some basic military training. This is the first of many stages that Air Force pilots need to undergo. As a student advances further in his or her studies, more privileges are accorded, as with any other branch of military training. Air Force training ends when a student is given his or her first assignment. A student might be asked to perform details while still training, as part of the training program.

Training for Air Force Pilots

The Air Force offers a formal education for students as well as training as pilots. A student can easily obtain a bachelor's degree in any subject, even including medicine. The Air Force offers scholarships for those wishing to finish their education. It is true that pilot training does not really demand formal education but the Air Force certainly encourages it.

Women pilots have made a strong contribution to the history of the Air Force in many countries. During World War II they participated and became pioneers. Some even became heroes. Women pilots then believed that they had to participate in the war to help with the war effort. There were about 1078 women pilots in the Air Force during World War II.

The Air Force has various training methods to guarantee that each student will obtain all the knowledge and experience needed to be a first class pilot. It is very important that each student masters complete control of the aircraft and is totally at home in the air before a first assignment. There is also a stringent procedure for selecting future Air Force pilots. Completing army training does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a student pilot.

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