Aircraft Flight Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Aircraft flight schools span the country and offer a variety of airline-related courses, from professional pilot training to aviation maintenance. You could also study aviation management and work behind the scenes--rather than in a cockpit--in marketing, finance, or air traffic. Some aircraft flight schools will help place you in specific jobs or internships with major airlines, the FAA, or airport executives.

Fly High in a Range of Aircraft Flight Schools

Each aviation school has its own focus and objectives; finding the right one for your needs is imperative, especially when considering cost. Getting a pilot's license for recreational solo flights is one thing, but becoming a professional pilot is definitely another. Other fields that some schools specialize in are flight instruction, charter pilot, or mission aviator (for mission organizations).

Like shopping around for a college, location plays a significant role in choosing the right institution. While my aunt lived in Arizona, her daughter selected one of the many aircraft flight schools there to study and stay in touch at the same time. The clear skies and wide-open spaces of the Grand Canyon state make it a popular location to study aviation.

Of course, there are dozens of schools across the country, each with advantages. Some programs offer generous funding packages, while others give college credits for their courses. Some institutions have smaller classes and mentors for one-on-one learning, while others have larger facilities with more flight simulators that handle more students.

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