Aircraft Maintenance Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Aircraft maintenance schools can get you certified as a mechanic in just about a year--a short investment of time for a life-long career. And since there are aircraft maintenance schools all over the country, you can find one that's conveniently located, or on the other side of the continent. A number of highly specialized airline maintenance jobs are available once you complete your studies.

Aircraft Maintenance Schools Have Multiple Training Programs

Running an airplane is a complicated job; now imagine running an airport. There are hundreds of employees and thousands of skills involved, from building the planes to fixing them to flying them. Many aircraft maintenance schools multiple offer courses that teach different aspects within this specialized industry.

Take Cochise College Aviation in Arizona, for instance. They have an Airline Maintenance Technology (AMT) program that is necessary for becoming a plane mechanic, but is also ideal for pilots wanting a fuller education on aircraft technology. At Cochise, you can earn either an AMT certificate or an associate's degree in 15 months, or study for another year and get a more rounded education by studying in the Avionics Technology (AVT) program.

The AVT program focuses on the instrumentation of aircraft; the technology used in radio communication and other electronics is always changing, making this a challenging field of study. Combining it with the lessons from the AMT program means more time studying, but with more knowledge comes more job opportunities. The extra education can pay off down the road as you'll be eligible for more maintenance employment.

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