Aircraft Mechanic Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Aircraft mechanic schools teach the nuts and bolts of servicing, repairing, and overhauling aircraft. But some do even more than that: Emery-Riddle Aeronautical University also offers training in Avionics Line Maintenance (ALM) specialization. This program teaches the ever-evolving field of aircraft electronics.

Embry-Riddle: One of the Top Aircraft Mechanic Schools in the Nation

Embry-Riddle has been one of the most respected institutions for aviation studies in the country for generations. Because they are in located in the middle of Florida's aerospace industry, E-R is near the most sophisticated and up-to-date technologies in the aviation industry. And this advantage is present in their mechanic programs.

Like most aircraft mechanic schools, Embry-Riddle offers an A & P (Airframe and Powerplant) training program; airframe refers to aircraft structure, powerplant focuses on the aircraft's engine. Some institutions have a two-year program; Embry-Riddle's is 16 months of concentrated learning that conforms to FAA regulations. A & P training can also count as 36 college credits toward an E-R undergraduate degree program.

Not all aircraft mechanic schools have an ALM program, though. An A & P certificate and 400-plus hours of instruction are required to get ALM certification, and you'll have the training to install and troubleshoot the electronics systems on major aircraft. Combined with an A & P certificate, you'll be skilled in solving most problems that modern aircraft face--a great advantage when looking for work in the aviation industry.

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