Aircraft Mechanic Training

Written by Robert Mac
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Aircraft mechanic training is taught at hundreds of institutions across the country, but not all of them specialize in it. A college, for instance, offers many different academic fields of study, but no specialty; they teach aircraft mechanic training alongside thousands of unrelated programs. On the other hand, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance has only one agenda: focused instruction in a very specialized field.

Aircraft Mechanic Training Is All They Do at Aviation Institute

While studying for any specific degree or field of study is hard enough to begin with, it's easier at an institute where everyone is on the same page. At the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, the entire environment is geared toward aircraft mechanic training through their Aviation Technician Maintenance (ATM) program. The institute is FAA-approved and teaches students to become certified A & P (Airframe and Powerplant) mechanics.

The classrooms and workshops are located at a busy airport, providing students with an actual work environment, not a simulated one. Being totally immersed in the aviation industry makes the hands-on training more applicable and practical than watching someone with a diagram of an engine on a blackboard. Working with real turbine and piston engines teaches more than just reading about how they work--that grit under your fingernails is experience.

At AIM, all of the instructors are certified mechanics. They teach students to maintain, service, and troubleshoot all aircraft systems, including airframe, instrumentation, electrical, hydraulic, and more. Students will have enough applied training to pass FAA exams and find employment in the aviation industry throughout the world.

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