Aviation Colleges

Written by Robert Mac
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Aviation colleges teach a variety of aeronautic classes all across the U.S. If you want to become a pilot, air traffic controller, or aviation manager, there are probably a few aviation colleges nearby. And since a college degree is required of all commercial pilots--in addition to all the FAA-mandated requirements--an aviation college makes working toward both goals convenient.

Aviation Colleges Are for ATCs, Too

Air Traffic Control majors can learn a great deal about their future profession by taking flight training classes at aviation colleges. For example, Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California, has their own flight school, College Aviation. The flight instruction at College Aviation works in conjunction with their aeronautics academic program; students earn college credit while they take flying lessons, or prepare for other future flight programs.

Mt. San Antonio College, like many aviation schools, has a flying team. Serious aviation students can hone their flying skills by competing against other aeronautic colleges. A private pilot certificate--the first level of flight licensing--is required to compete on the flying team, however. (They were the highest-ranked community college flying team in the country in 2002-2003.)

There are more perks to this aviation college: the Associate of Science aeronautics degree program at Mt. San Antonio is the largest in the state. They also offer an on-campus Bachelor of Science aviation degree through Southern Illinois University. Students can earn their necessary college degrees and complete their aviation training at the same time, letting them become pilots sooner rather than later.

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